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One of the first things I learned from being on Illumination is that it’s important for writers to have a way to showcase their work. I’ve been watching the way other authors, such as Dr Mehmet Yildiz and J.A. Taylor, have put their portfolios together and came up with something I think I can be proud of. I invite you all to take a stroll through the world of Christine Graves.

I’ve been writing on Medium for almost three years. Between May of 2018 and December 2020, I’d written over 200 articles, stories, and poems. …

Life After Death-Chapter 2

Hey, welcome back. I’m glad you’re here. What can I get for you? Our specials today are roasted Cranovian mountain hare with a Loxivell salad. The cook also said he’s got a new batch of Ronorono soup made, but I don’t suggest it. I’ve been here a long time and I still can’t handle eating anything that looks back at me. Here, let me get you an ale to start.

So, how are you liking being in the Otherverse so far? Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it, eventually. …

The premise behind this publication

Welcome to Lair of the Immortals. A place where the names you’ve heard throughout time, come to tell you their stories in their own voices.

Okay, here’s the real story. My name is Christine Graves and I’m conducting an experiment. I want to know if writing serialized stories would do better on this platform than it does in the new Kindle-Vella platform.

Now please understand, I’m neither knocking nor celebrating Amazon’s latest endeavor. I simply wanted to see if I’d have better results on one platform or the other.

I wrote a post about my…

Chapter 1

Welcome stranger. I’m glad you could make it. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lillith and I will be your guide. I can see by the look on your face that you’re not sure about what’s going on around here. Let me explain.

You may not realize it, but you’re…well…dead. Anyway, in the sense that your physical body is no longer part of you. Pull up a chair and I’ll do my best to explain everything to you. This is my establishment. It’s kind of a meeting place for beings of every planet and every dimension…

Chapter 1

My name is Nefertiti, queen of Upper and Lower Egypt. I am the chief wife of the great king, Akhenaten. Or at least, I was. Today, I’m a PR agent. It’s my job to make the rich and powerful look, and feel, like gods.

As I stand here on my balcony, overlooking the city of Paris below, I recall my days as Great God’s Wife and mother of a nation. But that was before I found the secret to immortality. A secret that was never meant to be found.

I was born under a full moon in the…

Is publishing on this platform a better option for serialized writers?

Like many people, I jumped on the Kindle-Vella bandwagon. I had a great idea for a serialized novella and loved the idea of being part of something new. I’m not so sure I’m happy with the results.

I’m not going to bash anything Amazon is trying to do with this program, but I’m finding a lot of issues with the way things seem to be going. I’ve also been keeping up with the discussions on the KDP forums and I’m not the only one who’s not happy.

I will say that this platform is still in the beginning stages and…

Beware the duality

The great Flaming God streaked across the sky for the third night in a row. His appearance was the omen the great masters had written about a thousand generations before.

They told of a time when the great Flaming God would fly across the night sky, allowing the otherworld to meld with the mortal realm, giving rise to a new age of chaos.

The high priestess came to the altar, obsidian blade in one hand, crystal mortar in the other. It was time to bring forth the sacrifice and fulfill the prophecy.

A choir of attendants chanted…

Who’s got your back?

On the morning of June 16th, Joel Freeling began his last, long walk. He’d spent the past 8 years on death row for the murders of over a dozen women. He’d used up all his appeals, and his execution was at hand.

Joel’s younger brother, Christopher, had built his law career around his brother’s crimes. Christopher spent hours going over the prosecution’s case, looking for the slightest thing that could prove his brother’s innocence.

Less than a week before Joel’s execution, detectives in the Freeling Murders case received a tip on where to find more bodies…

Reality starts with a dream

“First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.“— Walt Disney

What is a dream? Is it that movie that runs through your head while you sleep? Is it those thoughts that boggle your mind in the middle of a mundane task? Is it that little voice that sits in the shadows of your imagination? Yes!

I’ve always been a dreamer and have always wanted to be a writer. Even as a child, I was creating characters and scenarios in my head. At the time, I had no idea I was being a writer. I was just having fun. …

Abandoned doesn’t always mean alone

It was the only stop for miles around. Caleb pulled over, noticing that even though the place had been abandoned for years, there were several cars on the lot.

As he got out and walked around, he saw an old pop machine. It was broken down but there was still one pop left inside. He tried pulling on the bottle but it wouldn’t move. He pulled a little harder when he heard a low growl coming from within the machine. Suddenly, something grabbed him, pulling him in. He screamed, but it was too late.

Caleb Danning was never seen again.

Christine Graves

Wife, mother, grandmother, poet, storyteller, crocheter, ancient history fanatic, and lover of a good story. https://gravespublications.com

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